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Rock Camp USA - don't just listen to it, play it in 2014!!!

Now in its sixteenth year, Rock Camp USA features intensive performance-oriented instruction given by some of the finest professional musicians in the country. Rock Camp USA has grown into one of the countries’ top Camps, offering participants this once in a lifetime experience!

Each Camp is two weeks long and culminates with the young Rockers giving a live performance in front of hundreds of people in their own Concert.

Rock Camp USA is the ONLY Camp where you record a CD in a studio, perform live at a real world venue and receive a multi-tracked and professionally edited DVD of the show!

Rock Camp USA Activities:
*Form a band
*Pick your own material
*Rehearse like pros with pros
*Write an original song
*Refine your skills
*Record a CD
*Improve teamwork abilities
*Attend clinics
*Play live at a real world venue
*Receive a CD of your studio recording and a Video of your Concert.
Rock Camp USA Cities include:
*New York
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