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Since 1995, Rock Camp USA has featured intensive performance-oriented instruction given by some of the finest professional musicians in the country.  Rock Camp USA has grown into one of the countries’ top Camps, offering participants this once in a lifetime experience!



North on Saturdays beginning 9/16

South on Sundays beginning 9/17


at Kick Butt Coffee (Airport Blvd)

- Opening Acts​​​​ (Ages 8-11) 
- Headliners (Ages 12-18)
-Antimatter Garage (Advanced recording)​

Our 2024 Rock Camp Recordings are now available for download!

Download Rock Camp Audio and Video Here

Rock Camp ATX Photo Gallery by Tiffany Camacho available here!

Each session of Rock Camp is two weeks long and culminates with the young Rockers giving a live performance in front of hundreds of people in their own concert. 

Rock Camp USA is the ONLY Camp where you record 2 songs in a studio, perform live at a real world venue and receive a multi-tracked and professionally edited Video of the show!

Rock Camp USA Activities:

*Form a band
*Pick your own material to perform
*Rehearse like Pros with Pros
*Write an original song!
*Refine your performance skills
*Record two songs with our professional sound engineers
*Improve teamwork abilities
*Attend clinics
*Play live at a local professional venue!

*Professional studio recording and a Video of your live performance will be available for download through our website!

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