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5 Often Overlooked Reasons To Send Your Child to Rock Camp USA

In Austin, Texas there is certainly no shortage of summer camps. The seemingly endless list of themes and activities can even be daunting at times. Pottery or Princess classes? Computer coding or kayaking? Yoga or archery? And the list goes on, and on.

Many parents with children already enrolled in music lessons select summer camps that focus on music- that’s a given. It's also a given that children enrolled in a music-related camp will most likely improve as musicians... scales will become faster, vocals will become stronger, and so on.

However, the process at Rock Camp USA can provide benefits to its campers that go beyond musicianship. Even if your child may just be beginning to show an interest in music, Rock Camp USA can still be the perfect summer camp to instill skills that can be relied on for a lifetime- regardless of musical abilities.

Teamwork. From start to finish, Rock

Camp USA involves constant teamwork. Rock Campers pick material, rehearse, write an original song, record, and play at a venue all as a band. Over the course of two weeks, campers learn the value of cooperation and collaboration.

Lifelong Memories. How many kids can say they’ve played at the World Famous Antone’s? Each Rock Camp session culminates in a live performance at Antone’s downtown for family and friends. Your child showcases several songs (including their own original tune) and gets the experience of performing in front of a crowd.

Even the most reluctant teen will most likely look back fondly on their Rock Camp performance. Each Rock Camper also receives a multi-tracked and professionally edited video of the show for memories that can be revisited and shared for a lifetime.

Outstanding Role Models. Rock Camp USA instructors are some of the best in the business- not to mention caring educators who are passionate about working with children and teens. During each two-week long session they provide world class instruction along with modeling teamwork, the importance of goals and practicing, and service to others.

Creativity & Independence. Some adolescents may be shy or reserved. Performing live can give them the confidence boost needed to nurture and grow their talents. Working with peers their own age to write and record a song can also help build their skills and abilities without assistance from Mom and Dad. Rock Campers finish camp with the sense of confidence to make their own music.

Educational Gains. Study after study has shown that learning to play an instrument is excellent for developing brains. This can possibly translate into longer attention spans, greater understanding of new information, better memory- and higher grades in school.

Rock Camp USA is held at both Austin School of Music South and North locations.

Summer Session 2 runs from July 18th-July 30th. Visit the schedule/sign-up page for more info.


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